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About Cleraun Media Conferences

Scheduled to take place every two years, the Cleraun Media Conferences began in 1986 and have gradually grown in stature. They now constitute an important forum where media practitioners can address and discuss ethical and professional issues which arise in the course of their work in a positive and constructive way. The Cleraun Media Forum, with its evening seminars between conferences, has helped to make this an on-going process.

Register and Payment

To attend the conference, prior registration is required. Only those who have registered and paid in advance can be guaranteed a place.
Conference fees (lunch, available in Chartered Accountants House or nearby, not included).

Eventbrite - 16th Cleraun Media Conference


Alys Harte, 12 Nov 2016

Carol Leonning, 12 Nov 2016

Carol Leonning, 13 Nov 2016

Cécile Schilis-Gallego, 12 Nov 2016

Colin Coyle, 12 Nov 2016

Declan Lawn, 12 Nov 2016

Discussion after Matt Cook and Steve Dempsey, 12 Nov 2016

Gerard O'Neill and Sean McCarthaigh, 13 Nov 2016

Joe Galvin and Suzanne Kennedy, 13 Nov 2016

Mark Coughlan and Philip Gallagher, 13 Nov 2016

Mark Dooley, 12 Nov 2016

Matt Cook, 12 Nov 2016

Presentation to Carol Leonning, 12 Nov 2016

Sinead Farrelly, Caitriona Murphy and Jack Popeley, 12 Nov 2016

About Cleraun

Cleraun is a university centre for third level students. It has study rooms and seminar facilities. Opened in 1982, it has organised many cultural and educational activities for students, including aid projects in rural Uganda, in the Andes mountains of Peru, in Russia and in the Baltic countries.

Cleraun has a small oratory and a resident chaplain. Activities of Christian formation are entrusted to Opus Dei (, a prelature of the Catholic Church, which offers pastoral care and spiritual guidance to help people encounter God in everyday life.